8 Things To Never Gift On Valentine’s Day!

Finding the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day is tough. But not impossible. While you’re struggling to zero on something this year, here’s a list of stuff you would do better to avoid. Do not say that you weren’t warned when you end up sleeping on the couch!

1. Stuffed Toys


If you five year old niece would love it, it’s definitely a bad gift. Teddy bears hugging hearts that proclaim ‘I love you’ just won’t cut it on the big V-day. Kindergarten is over. It’s time to find a real gift.

2. Gift Baskets


Do not pick up any form of pre-packaged gift basket, no matter how pretty it looks with all potpourri and the gift ribbons. She will know you put in zero effort and trust us, she will not be happy about it.

3. Lingerie


Let’s face it. This one is not a gift for her. It’s a gift for you. It’s cheesy and not in a good way. She might wear it once or may be not. Just don’t do it unless specifically asked to of course!

4. Apparel


Do you know the amount of time it takes to find the perfect dress? What makes you think you will have the patience to do it? So unless you are a legit ‘fashion guru’ we suggest you should steer clear.

5. Flowers


While it can be safe to say that you should never show up without flowers on V-day, the point to understand is that they will not count as a gift. So pull up your socks, and get something worthwhile.

As we said the perfect gift is merely difficult to find, not impossible. The foolproof gift of all ages still remains the same – jewellery. What is not to love about it! And all women are thrilled to find a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewellery to symbolize the love of their life. Still confused, huh? Just give her the key to your heart!

The Pamela Pendant From BlueStone.com

Loved the ‘key to your heart’ idea? Find more such fun gifts that she is sure to love from BlueStone.com’s exclusive Valentine’s Day Collection.

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