I’ve always been in love with all things bright and colorful. And lately I’m starting to get very interested in accumulating jewellery pieces more than the dispensable accessories that lose its color and charm over time. Come to think of it, I have never worn an accessory over 4 times, as I don’t like how quickly they look dull as compared to the time when we bought them. And I’ve been thinking that I should have saved and started investing in jewellery pieces from a long time ago as they have value and retains their worth over time. Now, I always look at jewellery as an investment. And that led me to discover my kind of jewellery in this new collection from Bluestone.

Inspired by the cathedrals in Europe, with lights streaming through the stained glasses, Bluestone has come up with the most beautiful range of jewellery collection called the Florentine which comprises of multi color Tourmaline and Diamond set in 18kt Yellow Gold. You could describe them as Gorgeous Tourmalines in a rhapsody of colour. The designs are beautiful and they appeal to me tremendously owing to my love for color I suppose. I was very happy to be introduced to this collection as I didn’t know about much about Tourmaline or the fact that we could customise our jewellery pieces on Bluestone! There are 9 collection pieces from the Florentine collection as you can see here and each of them can be customised by the you.



What I love about the design of this collection – is that in comparison to a lot of jewellery pieces that we see here in India, which have an ethnic appeal to them, the designs on these jewellery pieces are modern and I’d even say that they have a youthful appeal to them. I felt very comfortable wearing them with Western wear in comparison to some jewellery pieces that I can only wear with my ethnic outfit. I love how the Francie Drop Earrings, that I’m wearing here, are designed as an Ear Jacket as well the elegance of the Jacelyn Ring. I chose to wear the Hattie Pendant too as I couldn’t get over how beautiful this piece is! These pieces, besides reminding me of the light streaming through the giant stained glass decor at the European cathedrals, also reminds me of  blossoms subtly added to the crescent moon design on the Janet Ring and the Hattie pendant.





I’m wearing:

The Jacelyn Ring : Find here

The Francie Drop Earrings: Find here

The Janet Ring: Find here

The Hattie Pendant: Find here

Location Courtesy: Courtyard Marriott, Outer ring Road Bengaluru.

Visit the Bluestone website to know more about their awe inspiring collection!

So what do you think of these jewellery pieces? I’d love to know which one is your favourite!


Nilu Yuleena.

The guest author, Nilu Yuleena Thapa blogs at Big Hair Loud Mouth. BHLM shows Nilu’s personal style and lifestyle preferences. BHLM has three categories namely Style, Travel and Beauty. Though BHLM started as a personal style diary with Style being the core content of BHLM, Nilu also discusses her beauty experiences and travelogue through her blog. 

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