10 Perfect Party Earrings

It is a new year with countless parties, weddings, and events to attend. Be it your annual office affair or your BFF’s cocktail night, you have to look a diva from head to toe. Here’s a list of 10 absolutely drool-worthy earrings that are sure to keep the spotlight on you no matter where you go!

1. Shoulder Dusters

The newest trend on the block, this one is an absolute must-have. Especially cause how pretty you’ll look when you shake your head while wearing these.


2. Gemstone Chandeliers

This one has always been the ultimate statement piece for any occasion. And its not going to lose that status anytime soon. Absolutely gorgeous!


3. Slender Strands

Sleek and subtle, but stunning nevertheless. This one is for you if you want to keep it classy and phenomenal at the same time.

4. Vintage Bling

With the retro revival, a lot of your heirloom pieces can finally be taken out of the locker and flaunted perfectly with the indo-western trends.


5. Disco Balls

This is our absolute favourite for the party scenes. What can be better than a disco ball we ask you? A disco ball inspired earring of course!


6. Double Hoops

Hoop with a twist. A new take on the classic style, this is just for you if you’re looking to experiment, but not too much!


7. Geometric Gold

If you’re looking for an understated elegant look, you cannot go wrong in simple gold earrings with a geometric motif. Just channel your inner princess!


8. Pearls & Tassels

Pearls too plain, and tassels too simple? Why not combine the two and take your style game a level up! Now isn’t that something to turn heads?


9. Delicate Filigree

Looking for something simple? Exquisite and dainty, filigree earrings are sure to beautifully frame your face and keep you in the spotlight.

10. Enticing Earcuffs

This trend might have been around for quite some time, they are not really going away anytime soon. So just put them on and you’re ready to go!


Disclaimer: All images used in the blog have been sourced from Pinterest purely for the purpose of informative reference. The models, celebrities or products showcased in these pictures do not relate to the brand BlueStone in any manner.

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