Styling Delicate Jewellery

Delicate jewellery is by no means a new addition to the world of stylish accessories and fashion. However, styling delicate jewellery right can ensure it stays unique and trendy no matter when you wear them. And if you are wondering if delicate jewellery will go unnoticed, be rest assured that some of the most minimalist pieces make some of the most bold statements in fashion! brings to you a fine range of delicate jewellery – The Myra Collection. Inspired by barely there strings, combination of delicate motifs and slender curves, Myra is a collection that is sure to set you apart from the chaos of fashion accessories. The best thing about wearing delicate jewellery is that they are versatile and can be worn with a variety of clothes. You can wear them daily to work or even wear them to a casual brunch or Saturday night party!

Here are some simple tips on styling delicate jewellery such as the gorgeous pieces from the Myra collection:

1. Pick the right top

A combination that is faultless is the simple pairing of collared shirts with simple chain and pendant. It is a great look for work or a casual outing. If you are looking for something dressier pair a simple chain & pendant with a detailed or printed top. You can choose from a variety of neck designs such as v-neck, off-shoulder and even round neck by simply adjusting the length of our simple and delicate jewellery. If you are not a big fan of accessorising your neck, simply opt for delicate earrings and a finger ring to match!


2. Layer or stack ’em up

Looking to make a snazzy statement with delicate jewellery? Simply stack them up or layer them down to achieve a super-trendy and glamorous look. Delicate chains can be layered according to length – from short to long for a classy look. You can also stack plain gold bangles or delicate bracelets for a unique look. The same rule applies to finger rings as well, opt for separate delicate rings that you can stack or one ring that gives the illusion of many.


3. Details matter!

A delicate piece of jewellery is not necessarily a plain piece of gold. Details matter even when you are accessorising delicate jewellery. Look for simple shapes that incorporate detailing in the mix of metals and gemstones or delicate jewellery that are presented as interesting form factors.

4. Contemporary is the way to go

Opt for delicate jewellery in nice geometric shapes or intricate florals. Whatever you choose contemporary designs are beautifully showcased in simple, delicate jewellery and’s Myra Collection is a great example of the same. Such designs can be worn with any outfit, be it western or Indo-western and is sure to stand out without getting overpowered by your clothing.


Hope you enjoyed the simple tips to help you look more fashionable in 2017. If you love the products showcased in the article, click here to know more.

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