The Trend Of Long Earrings – Wear Them Right!

One of the hottest trends this season in regard to jewellery and accessories has been the style of long earrings. The versatile long earrings have been worn many ways and you must have seen varied looks combining this style both on the ramp and at red carpet events. So it is no surprise that has launched the Standing Tall collection as part of its ongoing Design Week 2016.

Long earrings are lovely accessories to have, they not just look elegant but also serve a mighty purpose of adding length to your slender neck. And truly what’s more beautiful than the long, graceful curve of a woman’s neck? Long earrings have come in many forms, but what promises with its latest Standing Tall collection is minimalism. These long earrings are just the right length, studded with gemstones and pearls, held together by thin stylish golden chains.

If you are loving the long earrings trend as much as we do, take a look at some of these amazing pieces and learn about how you can style them.

Long earrings are a type that loves experimentation this season. You can wear them right in the following styles:

Wear A Single Earring


Wearing just a single earring is absolutely gorgeous today and what better way to do it than with the stylish long earrings. The thin, elegant pieces from Standing Tall collection will look absolutely fabulous as single earrings!

Mix And Match


You can also opt for the current rage of mix and match, wear long earrings of different styles on each ear or opt for a stud on one ear and a long earring on the other. Whatever you do it surely will stand out this season. The minimalist Standing Tall collection can definitely be mixed and matched.

Wear It Sleek And Simple

Sleek and simple long earrings are the trend currently after a long time of seeing chunkier long earrings. Celebs are sporting long earrings in simple straight lines and its time you took your cue from them!

Wear It With Pearls


Long earrings are charming as they are, but add a few pearls to the equation and you take the style quotient up by several notches! Long earrings with pearls at the end of straight gold links is what the Standing Tall collection promises and they are ideal this season. Actually with pearls, long earrings become a classic statement for any season!

Wear It High Or Low

If you sport multiple piercings on your ear lobes, it’s time to experiment with long earrings, you can choose to wear them low or even higher up for an edgier look.

The collection of long earrings can be worn to work, to a party and even to a casual brunch. These designs are truly flexible and will go with most of your wardrobe. Happy styling this festive season with the trendy long earrings!

The collection is priced upwards of INR 18000 and can be purchased here.


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