A Walk Down Bamboo Lane

Nature has been the inspiration for various forms of art across the ages,from paintings, sculptures and installations to more wearable art forms such as jewellery and fashion. Embracing this Art Nouveau mood BlueStone.com has unveiled their latest collection Tropical Paradise as a part of the ongoing Design Week 2016.

While nature inspired jewellery uses all motifs from the natural world, there are a few that have seen lesser recognition in the world of fashion and accessories. BlueStone.com has decided to celebrate one of these lesser known motifs; the tropical bamboo. In the collection Tropical Paradise, you will see exclusive attention paid to the styling of the exotic bamboo motif in several wearable and fashionable jewellery.


Nature inspired jewellery has popped up across the ages as seasonal trends covering spring, summer and fall. With the Tropical Paradise collection you are sure to make a statement no matter the season. But if you are looking for trends then this year saw a big demand for nature inspired cocktail rings. The Tropical Paradise collection boasts of an exciting range of jewellery ranging from cocktail rings to unique necklaces and bracelets


The timeless nature inspired collection can be worn ideally this winter season to add a splash of colour to your style. The Tropical Collection is available at prices upwards of INR 14000 and can be purchased here.

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