What You Can Do With Your Old Diamonds

At the bottom of our jewel-cases, or at the very back of our lockers, there’s invariably a couple or more old pieces of jewellery – the least favourite ones, a heirloom you found unflattering, or old styles that now look dated.


Have you ever considering getting those stones set into new pieces that you’ll love? Re-purposing diamonds into new and exciting pieces of jewelry is a great way to add to your jewelry collection while saving money.

After all instead of purchasing brand-new pieces, you’ll just be wearing your old diamonds in new and more fashionable ways. Not to mention, the new jewellery will have so much more sentimental value if you use stones you inherited.

Put A Ring On It


We firmly believe that there is no such thing as too many rings. You can stack them or you can wear them separately as single statement pieces. And so recycling old diamonds into a ring ensures that you’re get something that won’t just gather dust in your locker.

A simple channel setting works for multiple small diamonds and is the perfect ring to wear regularly. For a larger stone, it’s better to go for an elaborate setting in a bold design. Consider a floral design or a modern abstract motif for a beautiful eye-catching stylish piece.

All in all it’s very easy — if you have diamonds to re-purpose, put a ring on it.

A Charm To Pass On


Whether you have one old diamond or several, a bracelet can be a great idea. A bangle bracelet inlaid with stones or a delicate chain with a diamond charm are both beautiful options.

Also for a piece of jewellery to be passed on to coming generations, a charm bracelet is just the perfect choice. Just choose a chain and have your old diamonds set into new charms that tell your story or have a special meaning for you. You can choose charms to represent birthdays, hobbies, travel memories, special occasions or life milestones. The list is endless.

Time To Pin It


If you have a smaller diamond, a pin is a great way to make it shine. Pins are fashionable all over again, and they are being styled with formal and casual wear alike. They can also be paired with unusual material like denim or leather or even be worn in the hair as a whimsical ornament.

It can be just the thing for resetting old diamonds in a new avatar. A classic circle or abstract shape are safe choices, but you can even go the playful road with a flower, bird or some other fun motif.

The possibilities are just about endless. You can modernize an old setting or create an altogether new one. You can take an element or two of the old piece and freshen it up in a new piece with new material added. Or you can even mix elements of different pieces and come up with a whole new design.

Whatever you choose to do, you would be making a jewellery piece with a lovely story and a beautiful memory.

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