Gems Of Sunlight

Have you ever walked into a cathedral, only to have the ethereal light from lovely stained glass windows mesmerize you?

In colours of warm yellows, vibrant reds, eclectic blues and soothing greens, there is something unforgettable about the way sunlight streams through a stained glass and creates mystic patterns on the ground before you.

And if you ever pined that you could never carry a part of this magic with you, here is a thought; how does stunning jewellery inspired by the beauty of stained glass sound?

shutterstock_249692857 has launched the Design Week with the stunning Florentine Collection, inspired by the art of stained glass. The collection sees the usage of gorgeous Tourmaline gemstones in a rhapsody of colour,

The year saw a colour revolution in the field of jewellery and fashion. Large brands and designers have pushed boundaries trying to include a wide spectrum of colours through gemstones and metal amalgamations.

The Tourmaline Collection takes this up by a notch by providing a splash of hues in delicate designs.

Tourmaline is classified as a semi-precious gemstone and is available in myriad hues ranging from yellows to greens. The pinks of Tourmaline will remind you of blushing roses and the greens of seafoam.

The Tourmaline is referred to in many legends as a stone that brings joy and we agree. In iridescent shades of romance, mystery and dreams, the Tourmaline Collection is sure to take a special place in your fashion wardrobe. has beautifully crafted a range of products from earrings to rings in delicate nature-inspired patterns of flowers and vines, combining colour with contemporary aesthetics.


These multi-hued beauties can be paired excellently with modern and fusion wear. Wear them with party dresses or casual culottes for a weekend brunch. Regardless of the pairing the sun will shine brighter on you with these splendid suncatchers you sport!

Try combining it with monochromatic clothing or less busy patterns. Soft materials like chiffon, silk and satin will make for heavenly pairing!


The Tourmaline collection is definitely something you should add to your fashion wardrobe.


The products cost upwards of INR 34000 and can be purchased on

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