Sparkle At The Workplace – On All The Important Days

While we definitely believe in bringing our best to work everyday, there are always those special days when we spend a little extra time in front of the mirror. After all, one can’t be anything less than perfect to a job interview, an important meeting or a major conference. These are times when although you want to look your polished best, you want the focus to remain firmly on you and not on what you are wearing. Basically, less is always more in all these occasions, and here are just a few tips and tricks on how you can style yourself for the big day.

Keep It Simple


When it comes to earrings, it is best to keep them small and simple. Studs are fine, and so are simple drops. Small diameter hoops might also work. But anything bigger, or long dangling earrings and even whimsical motifs can distract people from what you are saying. And even if you have multiple earrings, forego the rest of them and stick to a single pair.

Stay Away From Arm Candy


Keep anything that will jingle-jangle on your wrists and distract attention at an arm’s distance. A bunch of bangles or even bracelets are a definite no-no. Your favourite leather wraps or neon band is just not formal enough. Instead choose a sleek open bangle and wear it as a single piece. And your watch on the other hand, if you wear one.

Say No To Layers


Again following the simple and sophisticated style, avoid layering necklaces and chains. And even though chokers are really trendy these days, they are just not the thing for anything formal. Instead go for a close fit delicate gold necklace. Pearls on a string on even on a pendant are always a safe bet. Geometric motifs in gold and diamond will also work well.

Avoid the Stack


When it comes to your fingers, remember that your hands play an equally important part in your presentation as your face. Hence this is not the time for multiple stackable rings or even midi rings. Stick to simple rings, nothing big and flashy. An engagement ring or wedding band is appropriate. And you can add another simple ring on the other hand.

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