Choose your twinkle – Find your signature jewellery style

Style is something very personal – an expression of your own self, extending way beyond what is fashionable or trendy at a given time. Finding your signature style can often be as difficult as defining it. But once discovered, it takes your look to the next level and gets people to stand up and take notice every time you walk into a room.

Jewellery can prove to be a very defining element of your personal style statement. However, with so many choices and different looks, finding something that reflects you perfectly can often become a journey of self-discovery.

Here are four ways to go about it –

1. Find Your Element

Pick up one element, and own it – think Jackie Kennedy with her pearls. From colourful freshwater pearls to the deep gold hues of the South Sea pearls, you will always have enough variety to suit any look, and still, have a signature style statement! Another way to go about it would be to choose a metal colour and stick to it. While mixing metals is definitely the on-trend, sticking to one metal and coordinating all your pieces accordingly can surely be your thing.

Pick an element and own it – you can be the pearl girl!


2. Find Your Type

Choose one type of jewellery and take it to the next level. For example, if you go for earrings, find out if you’re partial to studs or danglers. Narrow down the styles, and go for the one you think suits you best. You can be the girl with the chunky silver jhumkas, or the one with the simple yet sophisticated diamond studs. If you’re really comfortable with your choice of jewellery and you wear it with enough confidence, you can easily style it to fit any occasion.

Find your type and own it – be the girl with the chunky statement earrings!


3. Find Your Flair

Go through your wardrobe and if you find one main style, you can easily extend your look through jewellery. If you’re a simple kurta and jeans girl, you can go for boho-chic jewellery, and if yours is a classic formal vibe, then maybe simple classic pieces might be your thing. A lot of leather and denim can go with diamonds and chains. If you already have defined your style with your clothes, it is super easy to extend the same to your jewellery.

Extend your style – you can be the fashion minimalist!


4. Find Your Piece

If your fashion choices don’t extend beyond the bare essentials, and you’re not really into spending a lot of time in front of the mirror each morning, you can still have a signature jewellery style. Just wear one piece, all day, every day! This route is not for the time – it is a bold choice, and is quite unforgettable. Just keep in mind that this signature piece is versatile enough to go with any outfit while being bold enough to make a statement.

Pick a piece and stick to it – be the girl with the gold cuff!

So what would be your signature style?

Disclaimer: All images used in the blog have been sourced from Pinterest purely for the purpose of informative reference. The models, celebrities or products showcased in these pictures do not relate to the brand BlueStone in any manner.

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