Beyond Traditions – A buying guide for fashion-forward jewellery

Fine jewellery purchases, even today, are biased towards the traditional. There are the pieces you can never go wrong with – a pair of diamond studs, gold hoops, or a strand of pearls – that will find place in all our jewellery cases. But moving beyond the comfort zone of these classics can prove quite challenging.

Here are some tips to guide you in taking your jewellery purchase up a notch with pieces that serve as head-turners and conversation-starters. Make them your signature statements and up your style game. After all, why should all fine jewellery be boring?

Alternative Metals

Move beyond the regular yellow gold, that has been the most popular metal in fine jewellery, at least in India. But now there is a host of other options available in the market. For example, the fresh blush of rose gold, which suits almost all skin tones. A very traditional diamond or pearl piece takes on a new life when set in rose gold. Hence you have a classic design, set in a beautiful new metal colour.


Coloured Gems

Gemstones have been used in talismans, amulets and rings for therapeutic, healing and religious purposes. While you may or may not believe in their mystical powers, the colours will add allure and vibrancy to your ensemble and set you apart from the crowd at any given time. Also, considering the coloured gems are available in precious as well as in semi-precious category, you can go for statement designs without burning a hole in your pocket.


Exploring Form Factors

While the traditional silhouettes of fine jewellery will always be fashionable, there are novel new form factors emerging that you can’t just ignore. Apart from adding the much- needed variety, many of these form-factors can be worn in more than one way. So, instead of going for simple studs, go for jacket earrings, that you can wear as both ways – with or without the back jacket.



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