You Are A Gem

How many times has the world told you,
That there is something that you can’t do?
Or when you wanted to try something new,
Oh woman, didn’t they say that you won’t make it through?

Were you told that you were only to think of a lovely man and home?
And not to have dreams of your own?
And that the world you weren’t allowed to roam,
For beyond the confines of your house wasn’t your zone?

May be you were asked to be that pretty bride,
Decked in jewels beautiful and bright.
But then your talents you couldn’t hide,
And your dreams had to take flight.

You chose to walk on the path less taken,
To defy the norms which were just too old.
On that difficult road may be you were once shaken,
But your enthusiasm shone like gold.

The testing times may have made you frown,
But giving up wasn’t something you’d do!
For like a diamond, pressure wouldn’t break you down,
But you’d glitter despite the ordeal you went through.

You dared to be different,
And were unique though at times you were left alone.
To the critics opinion, you chose to be indifferent,
What you are, to the world you have now shown.

You’ve achieved what no one could guess,
Your confidence you now wear like a diadem.
Hardened by trouble and exuding the beauty of success,
You are truly a gem!

~ Reema D’souza


The guest author was the winner of our #BeYourOwnGem microblogging session with Blogchatter on Twitter. To read more on what she  writes about life and inspiration visit her blog.

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