It’s Time To Boot Up!

Winter is coming! And no, this isn’t in reference to the very popular Game of Thrones, this is the glimmer of hope that your dusty boots have been waiting for all year!

Warm climates make you want to wear the bare minimum you can without looking like you’re headed for a swim all the time. This means that those lovely suede and fur boots have not seen the light of day in a long time, up until now! As we inch our way towards colder days, let’s look at some fun clothes to pair with your amazingly cool boots.

Short Dresses

Short dresses work very well with boots be it short ankle length boots or thigh high boots. Take your pick from a variety of short dresses such as shirt dresses, sweater dresses, frocks and pair it with ankle boots, thigh boots or even wedge boots. Short dresses also look great with a combination of stockings and boots while keeping you warm and cosy!



Maxis are great for winters, they keep you warm and you don’t have to worry about filthy hemlines, which makes it one of the ideal attires to pair with boots. Take your choice from the variety of maxis available such as wrap maxis, tank maxis, panel maxis, boho maxis and maxi dresses. Pair whatever you choose with your favourite boots; opt for a structured look with commando boots or look chic with wedge boots or boho with high heel desert boots. The options are plenty!


Long Dresses

Long dresses are ideal for an evening out or party. Take the style quotient a notch higher by pairing them with the right pair of boots. You don’t have to always team your long dress with a stiletto, instead, opt for a unique look with thigh or knee high boots, wedge boots or heel booties. Heads are sure to turn at your striking appearance!


Jeans & Leggings

We love the way boots are a snug fit with a pair of fitting jeans or leggings. The combination accentuates your legs beautifully and keeps you warm; truly a delightful combination. This style again offers much experimentation; be it the standard blue jean and brown suede boots or the black leggings and grey boots, you have only tried one look with hundred others to explore.



What makes a skirt look sexier? Boots of course! Pair your lovely skirt with the right pair of boots. Choose from short skirts, skater skirts, midis, long skirts and pair them with ankle boots, thigh high boots, knee boots or wedge boots. The skirt-stocking/legging-boots combination is also apt for the winters. You simply cannot go wrong with this stylish look.

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Disclaimer: All images used in the blog have been sourced from Pinterest purely for the purpose of informative reference. The models, celebrities or products showcased in these pictures do not relate to the brand BlueStone in any manner.

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