Revisiting the Classics – Pearls and LBDs

There are some things that truly never go out style. LBDs and Pearls are perhaps on the very top of that list! Here’s how you pair up the two to carry off some of the most iconic looks in fashion history.

1. A la Audrey!

So, you want to channel the elegant and graceful socialite look? Just throw on your LBD, add a classy pearl choker, a pair of studs and some oversized sunglasses. Throw in a tiara, too, if you want to go all the way! And if it wasn’t already the easiest look, here’s Kangana, looking as Audrey-esque as possible, and showing perfectly how it’s done.


2. Chanel The Look!

This timeless look is rather easy to achieve. If you follow Coco’s golden advice, you will have ‘ropes and ropes of pearls’ in your wardrobe. Just drape them over the LBD, throw on some chunky bangles, and balance out the whole deal with some simple studs. Look how classily our fav Ri-Ri is carrying her pearls for some inspiration.


3. Marilyn With A Twist!

This is by far, the most difficult of all the looks to attain! The simple dress and beautiful pearl strand earrings can be managed, but nobody can actually manage to emulate Monroe’s sultry style. Our suggestion is to look at the amazing Emma Watson, and go for the beauty with brains, leather with lace look, solo pearl earring thrown in, of course.


4. The Jackie Effect!

The ever graceful Jackie Kennedy said that pearls are always appropriate, and we would like to add that they are, and not just for the first lady of the United States. They are actually appropriate for anyone, anytime and for any occasion. Don’t believe us? Just have a look at Angelina Jolie rocking Jackie’s signature three-strand pearl necklace with a black dress on the red carpet!


5. Taylor-ed Perfection!

One of Elizabeth Taylor’s many jewels was a necklace featuring the famous La Peregrina pearl, which made its way from Spanish royalty to Hollywood royalty. While we know that it’s beyond difficult to get your hands on this particular necklace, it is in fact quite easy to emulate her look with a deep neck black dress and a pearl and gemstone necklace. Deepika shows you just how!


Wait no more! This Saturday night hit the party scene in your LBD and pearls of charm! Love the look? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Diclaimer: All images used in the article are solely for the purpose of informative reference. None of the celebrities or products showcased in the photos are associated in any way with the brand.

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