5 Reasons To Exchange Your Old Jewellery For The Trendy!

That faded old pic of mum and dad in bell-bottoms, polka-dotted shirts and larger than life shades is sure to make you smile even today! But would you wear the exact same fashion today and give more trendy styles a miss? No? Just what we thought, so you may be surprised to learn the same goes for your jewellery too. Here are 5 outdated jewellery styles that you should consider exchanging for newer styles:

Here are 5 outdated jewellery styles that you should consider exchanging for newer styles:

1. Your Jewellery Is Ostentatiously Plain

While minimalistic and contemporary plain gold jewellery is still very much in fashion, we are referring to more elaborate pieces of plain gold jewellery. The trend today is to add more colour to jewellery, this is done by the inclusion of a variety of gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, etc. So, if you are looking to buy a pretty necklace or bracelet, or even a bangle or earring, choose to exchange your old plain gold jewellery for new trending pieces with gemstones.


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2. Your Jewellery Is One Metal All The Way

Gone are the days when jewellery lovers stuck to one metal – either gold or silver. Today, you can opt for jewellery from a range of metals including, gold, silver, platinum; colours such as white gold and rose gold and even combinations of these metals. In fact, it is highly fashionable today to wear a piece of jewellery that consists of more than one type of metal or one colour of metal.


Like what you see? Shop the Quilo Earrings and the Cordial Leaves Pendant.

3. Your Jewellery Is The Same Unflattering Form

A lot of people have a common misconception that jewellery designs haven’t changed much over the course of time, especially when it comes to their form and how one wears them. This is not true, jewellery designs have evolved to produce fresh form factors, edgy designs and unique looks that are sure to have you swooning in delight! Give up some of your old jewellery for new styles and form factors such as mismatched earrings, jacket and cuff earrings, two finger rings, etc.


Like what you see? Shop the Inka Two Finger Ring and the Laleh Ear Wraps.

4. Your Rings Are Plain Bands

Plain gold band rings are lovely, we agree that it might still look great on your finger, but there is so much happening in the world of rings that you are truly missing out on! Two-finger rings, three-finger rings, gap rings, infinity rings, crown rings, stackable rings and so much more are available today to pamper your fingers. So opt for jewellery exchange and buy yourself some finger candy!


Like what you see? Shop the Kallton Ring and the Cayanne Ring.

5. You Own Mostly Ethnic Jewellery

Is your wardrobe replete with ethnic jewellery and nothing to wear with the rest of your contemporary attire? Let jewellery not be all about occasions. Fashion is about carrying yourself in style every day. So go ahead and exchange some of your old ethnic jewellery for modern designs that can be worn whenever you please!


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