8 Things You Need To Know About Rose Gold

If you like the rest of us have fallen in love with the warm and unique tones of rose gold then you will also know that it is among the top fashion trends. Rose gold is a trend that simply everyone can indulge in, the stunning colour is most becoming for jewellery, though it is also seen on clothes and even hair colour! If you have been eyeing a rose gold piece of jewellery for long, now is the time to buy it! That is of course after you read these eight things you need to know about rose gold.

1. Gold That Blushes

Do you know what gives rose gold that lovely pink tone? Well, it simply is in the mix of alloys that make up any piece of gold jewellery. To create rose gold, more of the copper alloy is used and the silver alloy is reduced. The purity of gold in concern remains the same; that is an 18kt yellow gold ring and 18kt rose gold ring has the same quantity of gold, only the alloys mixed differ.


2. Rosy Trends

Rose gold is trending in the fashion industry and it is not limited to jewellery. The rose gold colour is also being used in clothes and hair colours! But of course who can resist it’s charm in jewellery, however, if you are not into jewellery, maybe the rose gold trend in watches will catch your fancy?


3. Making Every Skin Tone Blush

Rose gold is well-suited for all skin-tones making it one of the most versatile jewellery colours. It further emphasises the warm undertone of any skin-tone. So go ahead and get those rings, bracelets and chains in rose gold.


4. Mix And Match

You can mix and match rose gold with other colours such as silver or yellow gold. Rose gold is absolutely great for combination wear. In fact, it is also trendy to sport multiple colours in your metal jewellery. Wear it separately, wear it together, no matter how you wear it, it will still remain classy!


5. Change It Up

Worried about buying rose gold? You have no reason to be. If you are worried that you may not be able to exchange or sell rose gold be rest assured that you can. Rose gold can be exchanged, sold and bought just like white or yellow gold, it does not impact the quality of gold or the gold kt.


6. Multi-Hued Pairing

Rose gold pairs well both with both diamonds and a range of colourful gemstones. While the pairing of rose gold with diamonds and pearls renders it a timeless sophistication, you can see some brilliant accessories of rose gold paired with other gemstones. Make the rose gold blush even more with stones such as rubies and rose quartz for an exotic look.


7. Roses Are Romantic

Rose gold is as romantic as its name suggests. Today there are many options for engagement and wedding rings, but a unique option that’s sure to make you stand apart is definitely rose gold. This trend has encouraged many couples to opt for engagement and wedding bands in the colour of love!


8. This Pink Is For Men Too

Who says the colour pink is not for men!? The rose gold is so versatile that it not only suits any skin tone but also looks rather dashing on men. If your man is wary of trying on the latest trend, start slow and have him try a rose gold watch or if you are looking for something even smaller, how about cuff links?

How much do you love the rose gold trend? Share with us in the comments below. And if you loved our products showcased in the article please explore our entire collection here.



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