The Ultimate Guide to Pairing Accessories

It is often noticed that even the best of fashionistas falter when it comes to pairing accessories the right way. While it feels easier to match clothes in the wardrobe, it can be rather tricky to match the sometimes small, sometimes large accessories that actually tie the look together. If you are similarly confused, here is a list of simple tips that will help you accessorise right!

1. Pick A Star Piece


In your ensemble of accessories, what would you pick as the showstopper for the occasion? This is an easy way to go about accessorising when you are confused, use the process of elimination and pick one outstanding piece that goes the best with your attire. This could be a pair of earrings or a statement neck piece or even just an elaborate piece of body jewellery. Once you have picked this piece, your job is 95% complete. You can now choose to wear other subtle, delicate or minimalistic pieces or simply let it be the only jewellery you wear.

2. Simplicity Can Be The Key


Sometimes simplicity can solve all your problems. Decide to keep either the attire or the jewellery simple. Opt for a simple black dress or t-shirt and dress it up with an intricate piece of jewellery or work the other way around, opting for an embellished dress and wearing delicate, minimalistic jewellery. Don’t go overboard, keep it simple and stunning.

3. Pairing Colour-Wise


To make things simple, pair accessories based on colour. The key here is to not overdo matching everything in the same colour, instead, opt for multiple pieces from the same colour family or go for complete contrasts. You can wear a cream blouse with navy blue jewellery or a red dress with yellow gold and gemstones such as citrine. You can even pair multiple accessories of gemstones in multiple colours. Neutral toned clothes work better with statement accessories.

4. Neckline Matters


When picking accessories for your outfit, do pay extra attention to the neckline. Different types of necklines will require different accessories. For strapless, tube, scoop and v-necked clothes you can pick a statement necklace that will stand out. If you are wearing something with a collar or a halter neck, leave the statement necklace behind and simply dress your earlobes or wrists.

5. Experiment With Your Bijoux


It happens often that you will veer towards a certain type of accessory, maybe you love earrings or finger rings, but adding variety to your wardrobe is also important. Don’t ignore accessorising your arms and wrists. You can even go forth and explore anklets, hair jewellery and other body jewellery. Change your accessorising styles the way you experiment with your attire. Sticking to the same look may leave you in a fashion rut.

Hope you found these simple tips useful. Got more hacks on how to accessorise right? Do share with us in the comments below.

Diclaimer: All images used in the article are purely for the purpose of reference and do not belong to, the products or models in the images are in no way associated with the brand.

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