Put A Ring On It!

Seven styles of rings you must have in your bijou box:

1. Midi Rings

Midi Ring
Moving their way up the fingers, the midi has become the new obsession among arm candies. Elegant little beauties, midi rings are great to layer and stack with chunkier statement rings. Simple and sweet.

2. Gap Rings

Gap Rings
Our new favourite is surely gap rings, combining sophistication with flamboyance. With wide geometric silhouettes, they give the illusion of stacking in a single piece, making them as perfect for a dinner date as for a concert night.

3. Stack Rings

Stack Rings
A trend that is surely here to stay is stack rings, having cemented their place for more than a season. What we especially love about this type of rings is that you can go as crazy as you want with chunky gemstones-studded pieces or even keep it simple with thin stackable bands.

4. Double Finger Rings

Double Finger Rings
What is better than one perfect ring? A perfect two-finger ring, of course! Definitely the biggest trend of the season, this is surely the one ring to rule ‘em all! Just put it on, and let it do the talking.

5. Crown Rings

Crown Rings
You are a queen, and you deserve your crown! Possibly the favourite of the princess hidden in every girl, the wonderful thing about this trend is that it keeps the fairy-tale alive while maintaining a classy and chic look.

6. Open Rings

Open Rings
Leaving matters quite open-ended, these rings do not fully close and usually, have gems or stone that hold the ring on your finger. Spotted everywhere from the red carpets to the streets, this trend is a must-flaunt.

7. Slave Rings

Slave Rings
A revival of vintage styles is always welcome, and slave rings are no different. Seen in a variety of different styles, be it two rings linked with a simple chain, or the ring-bracelet pair, it is perfect if you’re looking for a single piece to make a statement.

Which of these would you love to flaunt? Share with us in the comments below!
Disclaimer: All images except those of Bluestone.com products are used purely for reference purpose only and are not associated with the brand in any manner.

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