Top 10 Prints And Patterns You Should Be Wearing!

It doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you are sporting some of these trending prints and patterns.

1. All Kinds Of Stripes

You simply cannot go wrong with stripes, take your pick from thin, bold, horizontal, vertical or even wavy!


2. Florals All The Way

Life like flower prints or abstract florals or whimsical flower motifs, the romance of flowers is sure to suit you perfectly this season.


3. Tie & Dye Prints

The ancient art form is back in rage this season. Be it the simple tank top or a pair of comfortable cotton trousers, opt for it in the tie and dye print.


4. Galactic Prints

Outer space inspires fashion this season with galaxy prints and patterns.


5. Geometric Love

Geometric trends have been trending for some time now, be it accessories or clothing, these prints are something you should definitely be sporting.


6. Water Colour Prints

Name anything that could possibly be more romantic than the soft water colour inspired prints.

WaterColour Prints

7. Subtle Animal Prints

Animal prints don’t have to scream, keep them subtle this season.

Animal Prints

8. Polka Dots

All kinds of dots are sexy right now; wear them as you like and in as many colours as you please!


9. Gingham

A popular choice in regard to prints and patterns is the gingham. Add this print to your wardrobe in the form of shirts, trousers and even dresses.


10. Plaid & Checkered Patterns

A classic choice, we believe the plaid and checkered patterns never really go out of style.

Plaid  Checkered

What is your favourite print and pattern? Do share with us in the comments below.


Disclaimer: All images used in this article have been sourced from Pinterest and are purely for the purpose of reference. None of the models, celebrities or brands are linked in any way to

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