7 Ways To Save On Solitaire Purchases

Here is how you can save some big bucks when you choose a diamond engagement ring or for that matter any diamond jewellery.

1. Drop A Decimal

A difference of .1 carats makes a lot of difference in the price.
When you hear about solitaires, it is always in a round number, like 1 carat or 2. Well, there are also .75, .30, or 1.5 carat diamonds. If the number is not rounded off, it‘s less expensive as well. Just by dropping the carat by .1, you can bring down the price by nearly 20%. And nobody but a jeweller or an experienced connoisseur will be able to spot the difference.

2. Have A Halo Around It

Add a halo, subtract the price.
If you don’t have a budget for a really large solitaire, go for a halo setting. The halo setting is basically tiny diamonds surrounding the central gemstone. This not only makes the stone in the centre look much bigger but also makes the ring much more eye-catching and attractive.

3. Prong It Up

Prong setting helps showcase the diamond in all its brilliance.
The metal of the band also adds significantly to the price of the ring. A prong setting includes what will look like metal claws to hold up the ring, which allows more light to strike the stone and increase its brilliance. It also helps decrease the price as less metal is used when compared to a bezel setting, which is basically a metal band surrounding the stone.

4. Cut For The Cost

Choose your cut wisely!
In terms of price here are the cuts listed from the most to the least expensive – Round > Marquise > Heart > Pear > Oval > Princess > Cushion >Emerald. The cut represents 50% of the price of the solitaire, hence choosing a cheaper cut will bring the cost down by a significant amount.

5. The Rule Of Colour

Choose a sweet spot between colourless and slightly yellow.
For colour, the grade goes from D and E, which are colourless right down to Z, which is the cheapest as it is of a brown or yellow hue. As a rule of thumb, for an engagement ring, you can go down to J, which would be the most inexpensive while not being visibly yellow.

6. The Clarity Consequence

A flawless diamond will make a huge dent in your savings.
Similarly, for clarity, the index is from F (for flawless) and goes down to I3 (Imperfect), as the imperfections in the stone start getting visible to the naked eye. Cutting down on price, you can choose a stone somewhere between the two, that is not completely flawless, yet not too cloudy either.

7. Let go of platinum

White Gold will look just like platinum, and cost much less!
Solitaire engagement rings are usually preferred in white metal rather than yellow. In this case, choosing white gold over platinum will go a long way in bringing down the price of the ring, while not compromising on its beauty.

Know better ideas to save on diamond purchases? Share with us in the comments below!

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