Dreamy Gemstone Jewellery For The Holiday Season!

The latter part of each year is replete with travel opportunities. With plenty festivals and public holidays coming up, you must be busy planning exotic vacations to faraway destinations. Wherever you go be sure to be at your best dressed and wear jewellery that befits stunning locations. This season, gemstones of all colours and textures are in trend. But these exquisite gemstones are even more in demand and will go with your holiday wardrobe perfectly!


Image Courtesy: Pinterest (jewelsin, barneys, freepeople)

Opal is a beautiful iridescent gemstone that can take on many colours ranging from clear, white, blue and green to even yellow, orange, red and black! Opt for one piece of opal jewellery this holiday season. They come in many forms, raw opals are quite the rage this season. Pick from a choice of finger rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants like these.

Black Agate

Image Courtesy: Pinterest (etsy)

Definitely nature-inspired, the black agate is a great choice for accessorising this vacation season. You can find them both as raw products and finished beads. Opt for black agate set in gold to provide the right kind of contrast.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest (elleschroder, ebay, weloveboho)

Fall in love with the deep blues of Turquoise, what better for the upcoming beach vacation than this stunning gemstone. Turquoise is a great accessory for both casual attire as well as evening wear and formals. It also provides plenty options from beads to a single stone setting.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest (etsy, senseoffashion, buzzfeed)

Like the black agate, all types of this cryptocrystalline primarily found in volcanic rocks are fashionable and unique. They are available in white, grey, blue, orange, red and streaked or banded. The make lovely chains and bracelets, especially when you layer or stack them with several pieces.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest (beadaholique, luna’s, Rob Lavinsky)

A mineral formation of limited occurrence, the Amozonite is definitely exotic. Naturally formed in hues of green and mild blues, they make rather pretty fashion accessories. Mostly seen in casual settings such as beaded bracelets and chains.


Image Courtesy: Bluestone

The Tourmaline is a crystalline mineral that comes in a variety of colours ranging from black and brown to even red, pink, green and blue. These gemstones look great as accessories and will go with just about anything you wear.

What other gemstones would you add to your travel wardrobe!? Share with us in the comments below.
Disclaimer: All images used in the article from Pinterest are purely for reference and are in no way related to Bluestone.com. All images have been attributed to the source page as observed on Pinterest.



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