6 Stunning Ways To Wear Body Jewellery

Jewellery trends are constantly evolving, they are continuously surprising us with novel aspects on how jewellery can be worn and what is considered beautiful. Body jewellery is one of these trends that we’re absolutely loving. Everything from the slave bracelets to body chains and ankle bracelets looks too gorgeous to resist!

Body Chains

There seem to be many ways to wear this exciting piece of jewellery. You can pair it with your favourite beachwear, wear it over a simple tank top, wear it to dress up a backless dress or even wear it beneath a cropped top and let the treasure play peek-a-boo.


Shoulder Chains

Yet another version of the body chain jewellery is the shoulder chain that emphasises your neckline, shoulders and arms. This looks stunning when paired with the right outfit, best worn with off-shoulder blouses, tube dresses or halter necks.


Belly Chains

We doubt any piece of jewellery could be sexier than the belly chain! Worn as a discreet chain of gold or silver or as an elaborate piece of art, belly chains sure add something special to whatever you’re wearing, even if it ain’t visible!


Arm Chains

An armlet or arm chain can transform your look instantly. It can add glamour and style while also looking bold and edgy. The market has a plethora of options to choose from; silver, gold, boho, vintage and classic pieces are sure to help you make a statement!

Arm Chains

Thigh Chains

Body jewellery of all kinds remain sexy but the thigh chain takes it up a notch! This piece of jewellery is surely not for the faint of heart. Wear it with shorts, skirts or dresses and be sure to look like a style goddess!

Thigh Chains

Hand Chains or Slave Bracelets

The design concept is simple, a ring linked by a chain to a bracelet, bangle or wrist cuff. The look, however, is beyond exquisite. Charm your way through any social attendance with a lovely slave bracelet. Pick from a variety of designs, metals and gemstones to achieve any look you desire.


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What’s your favourite piece of body jewellery? Share with us in the comments below!

Disclaimer: All images used in the article are purely for reference, the products or models are in no way endorsing Bluestone.com and are in no way related.

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