The Iconic 5 – Celebrating 5 Years Of BlueStone

“The details are not the details. They make the design.”
Iconic design has been the cornerstone of BlueStone’s story, and as we get ready to celebrate 5 years of our journey, here’s the story behind 5 of our defining collections.

1. Ziba

Hello, Persia!

Ziba Collection

Daring, edgy and breaking away from the familiar, is the persona of today’s women, and it is perfectly reflected in the contemporary form factors with exotic Persian motifs strewn in diamonds and enamel. Jewellery designer Vinita Michael came together to create this stunning collection, making it unforgettable in every way.

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2. Boardroom Glam

Be All Woman At Work

Boardroom Glam
Boardroom Glam Collection

Redefining contemporary work wear jewellery, this collection perfectly marries style with simplicity. Designed for the modern woman at work, who is not afraid to flaunt her femininity with her steely strength, it is an ode to her success. Sharp and contemporary, the pieces stand out and never fail to make an impression.

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3. Floral Mischief

All I’m Asking For Is A Flower

Floral Collection
Floral Collection

With flowers illustrated in full bloom, the essence of nature is ornately captured in this collection, from the texture of a flower to the leaves beneath. Capturing the playful simplicity in statement pieces, it is designed as an exquisite and dainty surprise for a lady. Because, all a woman asks for is a flower!

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4. Peacock Collection

From The Royal Gardens

Peacock Collection
Peacock Collection

Inspired by the Royal Gardens of India, the vibrant plumage of our national bird comes across through enamelled gold designs studded with diamonds in this gorgeous collection. The designs radiate the elusive magnificence of the peacock feathers in all their grandeur, making it perfect for the princess in every girl.
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5. Sui Dhaga

Our Signature Collection

Sui Dhaga Collection
Sui Dhaga Collection

For the contemporary woman who adheres to convention while keeping her personal style in check, this collection gives a new twist to traditional fine jewellery. Finely crafted, this collection celebrates the fusion of traditional jewellery with novel execution, making it a must-have for the woman of today.
Love the collection? Shop here.

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