5 Fashion Accessorising Myths Busted!

Looking your gorgeous best can do wonders for your confidence, but do you face a niggling fear while pairing clothes and accessories that you may be doing it wrong!? There are many fashion myths out there that might make you nervous about being experimental, but that is real fashion; bold, unique and experimental.

So, here is a look at five popular fashion myths associated with accessorising that you need to get rid of right now!

1. You Have to Match Your Jewellery

While it is perfectly alright to wear matching jewellery of the same design, we also find it a tad boring! There is nothing wrong in opting for the mismatched look. In fact, it’s a raging trend at the moment, you can mix and match earrings, go for one bold piece and keep the other accessorising to unique but minimalistic pieces. Let each piece of jewellery speak a story of its own.


2. Metal Amalgamation – A No?

This is a popular myth; that you cannot have one jewellery product made of multiple metal types. Of course, you can and in most cases, they look rather stunning too. Amalgamation of white gold, gold and rose gold or gold and platinum or in some cases even gold and silver can ensure your jewellery stands apart from the clutter. So, go ahead and shop for one of these today!


3. Silver and Gold Don’t Mix

Yet another famous misconception is that gold and silver cannot be worn together. This belief has women struggling to match their silver watch with gold accessories and vice versa. But the truth is of course gold and silver can be worn together, and if paired right they are sure to make you stand out of the crowd.


4. Size Matters – Small Face Means Small Accessories

So many folks out there worry too much about their build and face shape when it comes to accessorising. While it is no secret that some jewellery may flatter you more than the rest, there’s certainly no hard and fast rule about size. So if you are petite, don’t let that bother you when it comes to accessorising with big bold pieces. After all, contrast does make a stunning difference!


5. Costume Jewellery and Real Gold Don’t Mix

People have always been hesitant about mixing costume jewellery with pieces of fine or expensive jewellery. But this is entirely allowed and can even look chic. Choose your accessories with care regardless of the metal, cost or make. Pair them based on design, your costume and preference.


Looking unique takes a little myth-busting and courage, but when you do get it right, the look is sure to wow!
Got more fashion accessory myths we need to bust? Share with us in the comments below.

Disclaimer: All images used in this article are from Pinterest and have been used purely for the purpose of reference. The models or products are in no way related to Bluestone.com and do not endorse or support the brand.

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