25 Amazing Couple Tattoo Ideas

The day you are lucky enough to realise you’ve found your soulmate, you waste no time in rushing to a jewellery store to buy your loved one a gift of commitment. You can pick from a range of stunning couple bands to flaunt your relationship to the world. Else, if that is too passé for you, how about something as fun as couple tattoos?

There is an increasing trend where couples are opting for body art to showcase their love for one another. And the world of Instagram offers no dearth of inspiration. Take a look at 25 amazing couple tattoos as spotted on Instagram:

1. Ring Finger Shenanigans

Married and want to flaunt it? You cannot go wrong with this simple Mr and Mrs tattoo.

mr and mrs
Image Credit: shooka_tattoo (Instagram)


2. Under Lock and Key

He is the only person who has the key to your heart.

Lock and key
Image Credit: tatuandodisquarciamara studio (Instagram)


3. Feeling on Top of the World?

If you feel like you rule each other’s hearts go for the crown tattoo.

Image Credit: sadkowska.natalia (Instagram)


4. Checkmate!

Captured the Queen/King of your dreams? Well, this chess inspired king and queen might be the right choice for you!

Chess King and Queen
Image Credit: issac_sanchez (Instagram)


5. Sizzling Chemistry

Share the kind of passion few understand? Go for the chemistry inspired tattoo like this couple.

Chemical Structure
Image Credit: marizaragoza.tpm (Instagram)


6. One Direction

When all signs point to one person, one love, there’s one tattoo you can opt for like this couple.

One Direction
Image Credit: lingngpl (Instagram)


7. In Perfect Harmony

If you found the elusive sense of harmony and contentment in life with each other, opt for the symbol of balance; the Yin and Yang.

Yin and Yang
Image Credit: gyeslaine (Instagram)


8. Leading Each Other

He is your anchor as you lead him into a life of love and happiness, what showcases the intent better than a pair tattoo of the anchor and steering wheel.

Anchor and steering wheel
Image Credit: thisisabensworld (Instagram)


9. The Perfect Fit

Do you guys fit each other like blocks in the game of Tetris? Rather funky we think!

Tetris blocks
Image Credit: wei_ca (Instagram)


10. Graphic Pairs

Almost anything will look great when done this colourfully, for those interested in graphic art tattoos something like this Doe and Buck tattoo is sure to please.

Doe and Buck
Image Credit: ole_ncja (Instagram)


11. A Disney Fairytale

When your romance feels like nothing short of a Disney fairytale, why not opt for something inspired by the franchise?

Mickey and Minnie
Image Credit: yee_tattoo (Instagram)


12. In a World of Pixels

In an increasingly digital world, why not ink your love in the pixel format!

Pixel Hearts
Image Credit: lamaggieink (Instagram)


13. Date-Worthy

Some dates can never be forgotten, if the best day of your life is when you married/met your beloved get those numbers inked.

Image Credit: mrsbr33d3n (Instagram)


14. Goth Love?

For those who believe that love is not all roses and sweet things, you can explore the range of skull tattoos for couples.

Image Credit: rossbeasley1 (Instagram)


15. Your Catchphrase

Is there a saying or catchphrase out there that really appeals to the two of you? If yes, then a tattoo like this can be considered.

Image Credit: bloobutterfly21 (Instagram)


16. Picture Perfect Romance

If you find your love story mimicking a classic like the movie Wall-E then don’t feel shy about getting a tattoo like this couple.

Image Credit: jose_black_tattoo (Instagram)


17. A Hearty Affair

A love story is only complete when you utterly give yourself to your partner. Something that this lovely watercolour tattoo represents.

Image Credit: latintaquehabito (Instagram)


18. The Harry Potter Way

When you both find mutual muse and inspiration in the magical land of ‘Harry Potter’ this ‘Always’ tattoo with accompanying Patronus is to die for!

Image Credit: majorleaguetattoos (Instagram)
Image Credit: majorleaguetattoos (Instagram)


19. Yin Yang Kois

A successful relationship is all about harmonious balance and what better to represent this than the Yin Yan Kois. They are also supposed to mean good luck.

Yin Yang Kois
Image Credit: lexvdburgtattoos (Instagram)


20. Groovy Love

A couple that dances together stays together! If both of you love to get groovy then a tattoo like this says it all.

Image Credit: newbeverly (Instagram)


21. Game On

Love Mario and all the games you played to help him reach his beloved? If your love story feels the same; opt for a version of this tattoo.

Image Credit: link2416 (Instagram)


22. Get Some Bling

Put a rock on it! Not looking to compete for the biggest, clearest, brightest rock out there? Well, you can’t go wrong with this rock.

Image Credit: daritmo (instagaram)


23. Forever Bands

Just a gemstone on your ring finger doesn’t make the cut? Well, opt for what we feel can truly be called a forever band like this one!

Ring Bands
Image Credit: merylink_tattoo_studio


24. Love is Freedom

Take a flight into each other’s dreams and find freedom together, showcase the feeling of utter bliss with something like this abstract bird tattoo.

Image Credit: isometric_gallery (Instagram)


25. Light it Up!

If you find your other fanatical half and the very mention of Star Wars gets your mojo up, opt for something like this inspired light-saber tattoo.

Light Saber
Image Credit: theofabri (Instagram)


Did you find your ideal couple tattoo? Share with us in the comments below!


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