The Ultimate Guide To Monsoon Fashion

The vote is divided on how many find the monsoons romantic and how many actually find it dull and depressing. However, it’s safe to say we all agree that carrying ourselves fashionably can be a little tricky with the rains playing havoc. Here is a basic checklist to keep you looking your stylish best this monsoon.

Keep It High

Wear it short
Skirts, Capris and Culottes are great choices!

The moment when you look down after a brief stroll in the rains to see your beautiful palazzos mud-speckled and raggedy is sure to test your patience and romance filled joy! The rains can destroy your clothes and your style if you don’t pay attention to the length. Keep your clothes shorter; opt for culottes, capris, skirts, dresses and ankle length pants and leggings.

Bid Goodbye To The Dull

Colourful wear
Opt for vibrant hues to break the monsoon greys!

The sky has been dark grey all day, the roads, the concrete jungle; they are all grey, so give yourself a break and say no to the dull colours. Opt for vibrant hues, go yellow, go green, go fuschia, go bright and bring a bit of sunshine back into the world!

Keep It Light

Light materials
Choose fabrics that will dry easily like silk or chiffon.

You don’t want to ever feel weighed down and that’s exactly what would happen if a few generous drops landed on your jeans or knitwear. Instead, this monsoon pick materials that are light such as chiffon, lace, georgette and silks. The lighter materials will dry quickly and as a bonus, they look so romantic!

Layer It Up

Coat and Jackets
Keep yourself warm and stylish with attractive jackets, coats and shrugs.

The very thought of light fabrics giving you the shiver? Don’t worry, monsoons are the perfect time to opt for layers. Get those jackets and trench coats dusted, because darling you’re going to be layering em’ up! They not only provide the much-needed protection against the weather but also make you look oh-so-smart.

Say Bye To Leather

Footwear in the monsoons
Opt for non-leather footwear and darker colours to beat the puddles!

Yes, absolutely avoid your beautiful leather shoes in this weather, they are much too prone to fungal issues in the monsoons. Instead, opt for plastic/fibre products that will let the rain drops just roll off. If it’s too cold to opt for open footwear, go for knee high or ankle high boots in water friendly materials. Also, be sure to care for your leather bags and jackets during this time.

Keep Them Gleaming

Gold Jewellery
Choose gold accessories or natural metals that will shine through the monsoons!

When it comes to brightening a dull day, nothing does it better than colourful accessories. Choose bright beautiful jewellery, but be careful to opt for metals and materials that are not destroyed by exposure to moisture/water. It is the perfect season to opt for some classy gold jewellery, subdued lighting works great with gold jewellery. To spice things up you can opt for colourful gemstones.

Match Them Right

Monsoon accessories
Up the style quotient with colourful and unique monsoon accessories.

It is important to carry certain essentials such as a raincoat or umbrella in the monsoons. But do try to pick them tastefully so they don’t end up making you look frumpy. The market today certainly has no dearth of options to choose from!

Got more stylish ideas for the monsoons? Share with us in the comments below!

Disclaimer: All the images used in this article are for style references only. The celebrities in no way promote or endorse the brand.

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