Find The Perfect Pair Of Earrings To Suit Every Hairstyle!

To accessorize is an art that can make or break an ensemble! Earrings especially, draw attention to your face and can compete with your hairstyle. Both earrings and hairstyles have a huge impact on how you look because they directly influence the viewer’s line of sight. Here are a few basics on what to wear with popular hairdos.

1. Earrings For An Updo Hairstyle Or Short Hair

If you are sporting an updo hairstyle or you have short hair, the best earrings for you are danglers. That’s because your tresses are not available to enhance your facial features, so you need your earrings to do that. Danglers help elongate your face as well.Dsnglers

2. Braids And Ponytails

Chandeliers look exceptional when paired with certain hairstyles such as soft ponytails,braids and slicked back down-do’s. Chandeliers also help elongate your facial features and provide a balance.PIC 2

3. Best Earrings For Half-Up Hairstyles

When you sport a half-up half-down hairstyle, you don’t need your earrings competing to be the statement piece. Let your hair be the star and your earrings take a back seat. Opt for a simple stud.I3

4. Best Earrings For A Bun

A bun is elegant and sophisticated and so your earrings should be too! The best option with this hairstyle is drop earrings. This is a perfect look for every face shape. drops

5. Earrings For Wearing Your Hair Down

For women with long tresses and who wear their hair down, ear cuffs are the perfect option for you. Long hair often becomes tangled in dangling earrings and that is certainly not a pretty sight! Ear cuffs are perfect to make a statement.Earcuffs

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Disclaimer: All the images used in this article are for style references only. The celebrities in no way promote or endorse the brand.

Author & Creative Artist: Kavya Prakash


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