5 Ways To Show Your Love This Akshaya Tritiya

These days it’s fairly common to see every occasion be turned into an opportunity to buy something. But we think that this can’t be all bad! The truth is nobody wants to buy something to pamper themselves or their loved ones only on the usual events such as birthdays and anniversaries. We say you need every excuse you can possibly find to pamper your loved ones, after all they take every opportunity to make you feel loved and happy so why not return the favour! Here are 5 ways to appreciate your family this Akshaya Tritiya:

1. Romance Your Superwoman

It amazes you every day how she never forgets the smallest details that concern your life. She remembers that you are due for that yearly health check-up and that you have missed your gym appointments the past week. She makes it a point to ask about your day at work and actually listens. She sometimes uncannily even reads your mind, she makes your life awesome because she is your one and only superwoman! So make this Akshaya Tritiya awesome for her, gift her a little something that signifies luck, prosperity and all the good things in life.

for her2

2. Thank Your Mr.Go-To

Every morning you wake up to a steaming cup of tea and wonder at just how lucky you are to have him in your life. It is wonderful how the small acts of care go a long way, such as when he waits for you outside your office because you had a last minute meeting or worries about you when you look dull or admonishes you when you skip a meal. He does all that and more, and you can’t imagine going back home to anyone but your Mr.Go-To. Appreciate him this Akshaya Tritiya with something he may simply not expect!


3. Appreciate Divine Interventions

She is the ultimate problem-solver. Yup, no issue is too big for your smart mumma. It doesn’t matter that you are now all grown up and your problems are no longer a missing crayon kit! You know mom has answers tailor-made to help you face absolutely anything that life might throw your way; from work stress to health concerns. She truly is your divine intervention. So take the chance this Akshaya Tritiya to make her day blessed and beautiful with a special something that will be close to her heart.


4. Say It Again; Your Daddy Strongest!

Your first hero is that man you flew paper rockets with, the man who put you to sleep after reciting the craziest adventure story, the one who pretended you weren’t a monkey child, and the one who always protected you and stood by you no matter what. Your daddy strongest! This hero might not expect an emotional ‘love you’ from you every other day but trust us when we say he will never forget any of the days that you mentioned it. Make yet another day memorable for him, show him you love him with something unique.


5. Love For The Little Munchkins!

Your little one/s complete your life. Today, you simply can’t imagine a day without them. Their never-ending questions keeps you thinking all day, their antics amuses you, their innocence brings you back your childhood. Your kids are your pride and joy, usher peace, prosperity and luck into their lives this Akshaya Tritiya with some perfectly cute gifts.


Though it is scientifically proven that we are happier when we buy gifts for our loved ones than when we spend on ourselves, when it comes to our family we need no bigger proof than their happy smiles! So, go ahead this Akshaya Tritiya and make your entire family happy, you know you will be too!

Author: Anusha

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