Dress Out On This!

As we battle the summer heat, rising hemlines aren’t the only fashion change-ups on our minds. After larger-than-life statement baubles, this summer it is all about simplicity and style. So whether you’re looking for an office-appropriate inspiration or are looking for ideas on what to pack for your next vacation, it’s all right here. Read on, make this summer your most fashionable one yet!

 1. The Nautical Look

Ahoy, there! You don’t have to set sail to wear one of the trending styles of this summer. It’s all about the nautical. The look seems to make a comeback every summer — with no plans of going out of style. The nautical look is synonymous with sophistication and its elements will always work with denim, making even a casual outfit look elegant. Classic blue and white remain the lead colours while black adds the surprise element. While sporting a nautical themed piece keep the jewellery to a minimum. Shop Single Stone Beauties >

Image 12.  The Crop Top

Crop Tops are cropping up everywhere, this summer! And they are not going away soon. This 90s redux trend has taken the sartorial universe by storm this year. Fashion bloggers around the globe will agree that it’s the most popular must-have item in your wardrobe right now. We love the crop top because of its versatility.  Crop tops works well with jeans, pants, palazzos, shorts and skirts of all kinds. While sporting a crop top don’t be afraid to pair it with Flirty Florals >

Image 2

3. Embrace The Lace

Forget about those lazy days of summer, it’s all about the lacy days of summer. Once reserved for doilies, princess dresses and ruffled party dresses, lace has made a huge-fashion comeback. Lace is always romantic, classy and ultra-feminine. This trend finds articulation in crop tops, formal tops, jackets, dresses, skirts, shorts, culottes and palazzos. While sporting lace in your outfit team it with the subtle Rose Quartz Collection >

Image 3

Pic.Sources: www.Google.com

Disclaimer: All the images used in this article are for style references only. The celebrities in no way promote or endorse the brand.

Author & Creative Artist: Kavya Prakash

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