5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

Mother’s day is around the corner! It’s time to start planning so you can give your mother, step-mother, grandmother, mom-in-law or the ‘mother figure’ aunt a thoughtful gift to remember! The everlasting gift of jewellery is a perfect way to honor this special bond and we have gift ideas for a variety of interests and styles.

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1.  Contemporary Crush

Give the traditional a twist, by indulging her in some contemporary gold designs. Many older women are opting for gold jewellery in bolder, modern looks – keeping in mind design and wearability. Clearly, contemporary has paved way for the new, and is ensuring we leave behind those heirloom pieces. Shop Gold Jewellery >

Image 1

2. Colorful Hues

Do you think your mom can do with adding a dash of color to her everyday outfits? You should most definitely consider gifting her bright gemstones. If she likes to keep things simple, opt for stud earrings, a classic ring, or a elegant pendant necklace. If she is a bit adventurous, opt for gemstones set in interesting motifs like hearts, butterflies and birds. Shop Gemstone Jewellery >

Iamge 2

3. Word Play

If your celebrant is moved by words as much as beauty, message jewellery is the way to go. Jewellery with motivational words or sayings such as “dream,” “live” or “love” engraved on them, is the epitome of personalized gifting. This is actually a great surprise for loved ones across age groups and makes for very valuable inheritance!  Shop Message Jewellery >

Image 3

4. Stay Classic

Pearls are an all-time favorite and you can never go wrong with them. Classic, and ever-ready fashionable they are full of elegance given any occasion. A simple pendant or an earring is usually a safer bet, you can always opt for bracelets or rings if you think your mom has been a bit experimental with her ensemble lately. Shop Pearl Jewellery >


5. Bold Statement

Most moms love experimenting with new styles and don’t shy away from flaunting those statement pieces, loud and clear. Be it an event at work or for a family wedding, they often radiate elegance with just one bold statement. Neck-pieces are usually a hot favorite and are the way to go if you plan on gifting your bling loving momma!         Shop Statement Necklaces >

Image 5

Author: Mumtaz J

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