6 Fun Ways To Style Your Kiddo!

Fashion has clearly taken a step-forward in the lives of children today, giving rise to popular hashtags like #instakids #minifashion #microfashion #instamoms, etc. Gone are the days, when kids wore just about anything that was laid out for them.

So, where does jewellery feature in this?

Indian kids sporting gold is not unusual, but they are typically hand-me-downs (remember mumma’s simplest earring set?) and most times not very age and interest- specific. Investing in kids jewellery is a great way to get them excited about wearing gold. Here are 6 jewellery style options for kids fashion that you cannot go wrong with!       Shop Kids Jewellery >

1. The Little Diva

She loves to dress up and go out with you. She enjoys the weddings and the birthday parties just as much as you love getting her dolled up! If your little one is a natural diva, then it is important to pair the right kind of jewellery with her party outfit.

1_little diva2b

2. The Little Hero

He takes his role as the “junior-man-of-the-house” very seriously. The dashing young man is clear about what he wants and where he wants to go. For this self-assured junior pick something classy and unique to go with his outfit.

2_Junior Handsome

3. The Pet Lovers

Your little one is keen on dragging home every little animal he/she comes across. They are clearly much happier when they have their pets around. This is definitely something to be proud of, so let them wear this love on their sleeves with animal pendants and earrings!

3_Pet Lovers

4. The Nature Kids

Your little ones love the garden as much as you do, partly because they love playing with water and getting dirty, partly also because they love nature. Every flower, tree and creeper fascinates them. Who knows, they might just grow up to save the world!


5. The Little Foodie

It sure is a misconception that all kids are fussy eaters, find something they love and that’s all they want to binge on from dawn to dusk! So if your kiddo is a little foodie, why not appreciate the good behavior with some stylish fruit and cupcake accessories to keep them encouraged. Maybe that broccoli will be loved too (nah…not happening!).


6. The I-Know-A-to-Z Kiddos

The most exciting part of parenting is watching your child learn something new every single day. You are bombarded each new day with questions that amaze you and sometimes even confuse you! Pick from a range of trendy alphabet inspired jewellery for your little genius.


Now, don’t you agree that kids’ jewellery can be fun, safe and fashionable? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Anusha

Disclaimer: All the images used in this article are for style references only. The celebrities or models in no way promote or endorse the brand.

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