It’s always easy to go overboard with jewellery. Do you layer up or wear it big? Do you keep it simple or pull a Taylor Swift? Here’s a list of common jewellery Faux Pas you definitely must avoid.

1.Statements Shouldn’t Shout

A single piece maketh a statement. Abstain from wearing a chunky neckpiece with matchy-matchy chandelier earrings. They’re meant to be worn separately even if they came into your life as a set. We know it’s tempting to wear it all, but you’ll do better to abstain.

Image 1

2. Size Does Matter 

Usually size isn’t a jewellery concept. There doesn’t exist an exact definition of too large. However, if a ring is larger than your finger, it’s probably not for you. Also never wear huge statement rings on your pinkie finger or your thumb. Remember: size doesn’t make statement.

Image 2

3. Spotlight Alert

Jewellery draws attention. Everybody knows that. So if you’re flaunting a dazzling diamond on your finger, or you’re sporting a cute little toe-ring, never ever skip a mani-padi. Your jewels will draw all eyes and you want to give them something worth their while.

Image 3

4.Never Neglect The Neckline

Necklaces and necklines go hand in hand. A choker doesn’t compliment a turtle neck. A low scoop neck doesn’t work well with a pendant on a mid-length chain. A simple rule to play by is to have the necklace fall above or below the neckline, and never the same length.

Image 4

5.Nobody Likes Plastic

Do not wear plastic jewellery. Or paper jewellery. Unless you’re pre-teen. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule. Unless it’s Halloween (still not a great costume choice!) or something your child made for you in craft class. (but don’t wear it out of home!)

Image 5

Pic.Sources: www.thejewelleryeditor.com, http://www.pinterest.com, http://www.google.com

Disclaimer: All the images used in this article are for style references only. The celebrities or models in no way promote or endorse the brand.

Author: Krishangi

Creative Artist: Kavya Prakash

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