Pretty In Pearls!

Statement earrings, dramatic neck pieces, multiple rings and extravagant ear cuffs all compete for centre stage on a night out. But pearls? They’re not usually the go-to for party dressing. However this season’s runways beg to differ. Classic pearl jewellery designs are timeless and always trending. Pearl jewellery has always been a thing of the past and present and will continue to have a presence in the future.

1. Plunging Pearl Necklines

Multiple strands of pearls are the way to go! Take your look from demure to chic, layer on the pearls! This sassy secret has worked wonders since the beginning of time. They go best with V-necklines, although the bold may layer them flirtatiously in an unbuttoned neckline of a blouse. Shop Pearl Necklaces >

Plunging Pearl Necklines

2. Graceful Pearl Pendants

Pearl pendants are a big jewellery trend for this season. Chains with a pearl accents, add an alluring and refined statement to any outfit, whether it’s your everyday work wear or that little black dress. Stand out from the crowd and show off your personality with exquisite pearl pendants. Shop Pearl Pendants >

Image 2

3. Sassy Pearl Earrings

Long, swaying pearl earrings are the number one fashion choice. Pearl Earrings could be worn with any one of your everyday outfits or is also apt for formal occasions. If you want a more fashion forward look, try wearing just one of the earrings – it’s a bold look just screams “I’m classy but original!” Shop Pearl Earrings >


4. Subtle Pearl Bangles

Pearl bangles, big or small, sleek or chunky have taken a turn for the fabulous. Arm accessories are on the fashion front track right now. Pearl bangles and in platinum and gold have become the look of choice for a day out in the sun and a fun night out. Shop Pearl Bangles >



5. Poise Pearl Rings

Pearl adorned rings are hands down one of the best accessories this season. Whether you go for one big pearl statement ring or multiple smaller ones, you can’t go ever wrong with this accessory. It’s the ideal approach to ease yourself into the pearl trend. Pearl rings are the best when adorned with a strapless maxi dress.  Shop Pearl Rings >



Disclaimer: All the images used in this article are for style references only. The celebrities in no way promote or endorse the brand.

Author & Creative Artist: Kavya Prakash

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