Men should wear jewellery too, here’s why!

1. If it looks good with leather, it looks good. Period

Pair your leather jacket, shoes and belt with dull, gold-finish cufflinks and tiepins to transform yourself into the epitome of swag.


2. If she can wear it, so can you!

Ear danglers and chunky chokers apart, club your bracelet with, well, more bracelets. Men will look at you for all the right reasons, and so will women. Shop Bracelets For Him >


3. You want a tattoo but you don’t want a tattoo!

If you are looking to compensate for the tattoo you’ve been saying you were going to get but never did, to wear your attitude or preserve a memory– we’d recommend you have a look the latest men’s pendant collection. Shop Pendants For Him >


4. It’s the hardware that counts

Bracelets are a tricky piece of jewellery. Too much bling and you’ve voluntarily enlisted yourself in the ‘swipe left’ category. But a simple and classy piece is what we’d like to call style. Shop Bracelets For Him >


5. It makes for a great way to wear memories

Whether it be a family heirloom or a gift given to you by a dear one, jewellery makes for a special way to carry those memories with you. Shop Rings For Him >


6. It makes you feel like royalty

Make every day special by dressing up like a king. We can’t promise you an armory, but in the jewellery department, we promise royalty-like results. Shop Jewellery For Him >


Author: Joanne Carlo

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