How To Find Her Ring Size, Without Her Knowing!

1. Recruit her friends

Extensively research her friends and you’re sure to find one who is good at keeping secrets. Enlist this friend to do all the ground work and digging for you. However your friend is going to be bursting with excitement, and your girlfriend might just sense that something is up.

Especially if the shortlisted friend keeps making the me-got-a-secret face.


2. Steal an existing ring

Assuming you’re a guy, borrowing a ring from her jewellery box is the most logical and easiest way to a ring size. But, beware of midi rings. Make sure you grab the right sized ring from her box. You don’t want to end up getting her a ring that fits the tip of her pinky finger now do you?


3. Watch her. Observe her. Stalk her

We wish there was a less creepy way, but this is probably your best bet. instead of grumbling that she’s taking too long to get ready, pay attention to what she’s putting on her fingers. Be alert, be vigilant. And for God’s sake don’t get busted staring at her funny.


4. Pretend to be a great boyfriend

This is sneaky and a little underhanded, but it’s for a good cause so it’s all forgiven. Also, it’s a bit elaborate. Take her out for a fancy manicure and offer to hold her rings for her.

Is that the sound of your mind being blown over how deviously simple this plan is?


5. Be creepy

Wait till she’s had an exhausting day. Surprise her with her favorite comfort food – enough to knock her out. Once she’s out cold, wrap a thread around her ring finger. Measure the thread, match it against ring charts, find her ring size number and voila, done!
Pro tip: wine is known to produce better results (than comfort food) when it comes to knocking someone out.


6. Guess

It could make for a fun game.
(But an expensive one to lose.)
You could even consider roping in your bros.

Pro tip: Dont.


Now you’re fully equipped to get hold of that ring size. All the best.

Author: Megha Ramesh

7. Simply call us!

Of course, if you had a ring sizer then all you have to do is pour her a glass of wine and wait for her to fall asleep! If that just brightened your day, we are here to make it even better. At we know how difficult it can be to figure the correct ring size at home, which is why we will send you a free set of ring sizers that will make your job absolutely easy. Simply call us at 080 336 514 00 or mail us at



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