Romantic Ideas For The Not-So-Newly-Wed

When you’ve been married for a while, it’s easy to start slacking on the romance front.“But EVERY day is Romantic with you, baby” your better half might argue. This is for those who refuse to give up the good fight. Celebrate the spirit of romance we shall!

1. Remembering to keep the romance alive

Mostly for the husbands, the greatest gift you can give your spouse is actually remembering to keep the romance alive and kicking.


2. Gift yourselves a food coma

Designed exclusively for not-so-newlyweds as they can really focus on the eating; without engaging in the pleasantries, like conversation and etiquette, from the early days. Also, who cares about calories, you’ve already put a ring on it.


3. Netflix & Chill

Let’s be honest. The reason people get married is so they can Netflix & Chill, minus all the uncertainty. This Valentine’s Day enjoy the benefits of Netflixing and “chilling”, without the theatrics of the evening being about anything else. Maybe even do some actual non-innuendo-chilling. PJs, popcorn, cuddling and binge-watching the latest docu-series. Perfect.


4. Nothing like spending time with your life-partner, except not

Take a break from each other. It still counts as an activity you’re doing together, except you’re doing it separately. Go hang with your bros, or get a massage. Pamper yourself doing whatever you need to rejuvenate yourself – and come back a happier spouse.


5. Spice up your relationship with a little practicality

After a few years of marriage, you’re bound to gifting on two days of the year – birthdays and anniversaries. Everything else comes under “miscellaneous”. Instead of splurging on each other, invest in a gift for the both of you combined. You know, because now you’re as good as one, blah blah.


6. Some slave-for-a-day role play

One of the early signs of crossing over to “not-so-newly-weds” from “newly-weds” is when your partner offers to be your slave for a day; and instead of “let’s get our 50 shades on!” you think, “I’m going to make him do the dishes!”. Give your better half what they really want – submissive obedience wrapped in a bow.


7. The back-up plan

Contrary to popular belief, jewellery isn’t a gift restricted only to the times when husbands have f&*ked up, or forgotten the occasion all together. Jewellery is actually the perfect all-weather gift. Similarly ladies, your man will never hate anything that needs to be plugged in, charged or powered up. Anything is better than this.


8. Try to be adventurous

Try looking for fun things to do together. The key word here being “try”. Odds are you’ll start googling for ideas; chance upon approximately 50,000 million; give up and resort to plan 3.


Author: Megha Ramesh

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