Rekindle The Romance!

Are you in a romantic relationship and panicking because you cannot think of things to do with your better half? Chill out! Here’s a starter list of fun, thrilling and easy activities you can do with your loved one! Whether it’s extravagant or finding the small, alluring things in life, you can never run out of things to do with the one you love.

1. The Lazy Sunday Brunch

Wake up lazy to a late morning, eat to your heart’s content and let the mimosas keep flowing. Who doesn’t love a lazy brunch? This is a sure way to dial up the romance especially for those who associate food with happiness which equals to love! Keep the outfit classy and simple with a beautiful bold peacock pendant.


2. Day Out In The Sun

A romantic picnic in lush gardens, wine and cheese spells out a perfect valentine’s day especially for those who are still discovering their partner. Dress comfortably for a day out, take long walks and of course, nothing complements fun-in-the-sun like some floral jewellery!


3. Splurge On A Staycation

A luxurious staycation is an ideal escape from daily lives to rediscover passion. Take time out, pack each other’s bags and head out preferably somewhere not too far. Soothing massages, intimate dinners add spark to the day and you can keep it casual in a tee and your lucky gemstone ring.


4. Reclaim Date Night

Go on a date with your spouse to that one restaurant that’s been on the wish list since forever. Phones and other electronic devices aside, open up a bottle of wine and spend time connecting with each other between courses. Dress up like you had for your first date, let your earrings and long pendant add a golden touch to make you sparkle.


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