5 Jewellery Myths We Need To Break!

When it comes to buying jewellery, there seem to be quite a few myths clouding our judgments. But have no fear, today we’re here to debunk five of the most popular myths!

1. Precious Stones Are More Valuable Than Semi-precious Stones

To be honest, there are exactly four kinds of precious stones on earth: rubies, diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. Yes! You guess right. All other gemstones actually fall under the “semi-precious” category! When judging the value of a gemstone, things like size, beauty, cut and abundance matter much, much more than its popularity.


But if you think about it, you’ll realise that though they belong to the “semi-precious stones” category, gemstones like jades, opals and aquamarines can be far more expensive and valuable than precious stones.

2. All Pearls Come From Oysters

While you might have been hearing about the oyster and the pearl since time immemorial, the fact is that pearls are not exclusive to the species. While the majority of gemstone quality pearls are cultured from oysters or mussels, other species produce pearls too, namely the Melo Melo Snail, the Queen Conch and the Rainbow Abalone Mollusc.


3. No Matter How Hard You Try, You Can’t Damage a Diamond

Everyone loves how much their diamond sparkles and believe that their diamonds are the toughest substance on earth. Now, while it is true that diamonds are the toughest mineral substance, we wouldn’t advise you to test its limits. You never know when you might just end up with a damaged heart.


4. You Can Check How Authentic Gold Is By Biting It

Let’s admit it, most of us have tried biting down on gold sometime or the other to check its authenticity. According to the popular old wives’ tale, pure gold is so soft that you can leave behind teeth impressions on it. But ladies, we all know that lead is an even softer metal.
It wouldn’t be hard to swindle you by painting it gold if you choose to stick to this method of purity testing!


5. You Can Clean Your Jewellery With Toothpaste

Of course, we’ve cleaned metal thingamajigs with toothpaste all our lives. And that time we cleaned the gold bangle, it sparkled as good as new! But have you ever wondered what those chemicals in your toothpaste could do to your precious gold jewellery? If you choose to keep cleaning your gold jewellery with toothpaste, you might be happy to see it shine initially. But in the long run, it will lose colour as well as lustre. And if your jewellery has precious stones on it, toothpaste could damage it rather badly!



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