5 DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

We all have a golden heart when it comes to gifting our loved ones on special occasions. Well, at least most of us.

But even after spending so much time on planning and handpicking the perfect gift, when it comes to presentation, our craft projects in school always end up looking better. Which is why, we’ve collated five super-simple gift-wrapping DIYs for all the not-so-nimble-thumbed souls out there!

1. Once upon a time, there was a grocery bag

That metamorphosed into a gift-wrapping sheet (with a little help from a red and white string and a pointy paper cutter).



2. String it up

What you need: Newspaper, a piece of string and legible handwriting
Time: 3 – 30 minutes, depending on your knot-tying capabilities
Success rate: 100%shutterstock_20541308

3. Mason jar to the rescue

For best results, place fabric or paper cutout hearts in a mason jar along with your gift.
Tip: Don’t get too carried away with the hearts so much so that the gift cannot be found among above mentioned hearts.

4. Say no to paper

If you can’t find wrapping paper around the house at the last minute, you have no choice BUT to say no to paper and goodbye to that favorite fabric you were saving to make the world’s best handkerchief.

5. Map it up

Remember those lovely old pull-out maps stuck in your geography textbooks, old diaries and 1990s issues of National Geographic? Wrap your gifts pretty with all em’ pull-outs and generously present best-wrapped awesomeness to all those who dared call you a hoarder. shutterstock_69972286

Author: Joanne Carlo

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