5 Unique Proposals That Will Make Her Say Yes

1.With a furball

Just make sure you aren’t gifting her the puppy on the same day you’re planning to propose. You might be Mr. Perfect, but puppies can pose to be the perfect distraction.


2.On the beach

Nothing screams romance like sun, sand and sea. Slip a diamond on her finger, while being amongst mother nature. Plan a quick weekend get away to your nearest beach and she is sure to say yes with the biggest smile on her face.


3.With a homemade scrapbook

Time to show off your craft-making skills, where you chronicle the history of your relationship with handwritten cards. Ask your partner to turn around on the last card of the book. She’ll think she’s about to read another card, until she realizes what’s happening.

shutterstock_93379117 [Converted]-01

4.With a treasure hunt

Put your creative juices into action. Get her endorphins running- because only with hard work, come great rewards. Be sure to place smaller surprises on the way, so she’s caught off guard when she see’s the big one!


5.With food

Take her to your favorite restaurant, so she’s not suspecting any surprises. Replace a few pages of the menu with a ‘marry me’ pamphlet. While she’s still catching her breath, pop out the ring.
Awesomeness is served.


Author: Joanne Carlo

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