5 Ways To Wear Religious Jewellery!

Religious jewellery gets a fresh new makeover – a more modern interpretation based on today’s more expressive lifestyles and points of view. The various looks and styles here, tie-in fashion with faith, to bring out a greater appreciation and acceptance of wearing religious articles on different occasions.

1. Colourful pendant as a Maang Tikka

Formula: A round Navaratna pendant + two chains.

Add vibrancy to your Indian outfit with these versatile colours of the Navaratna. Using pendants as a DIY Maang Tikka ensures a fresh look for every outfit. Shop Navaratnam Jewellery >

Image 1

2. Adapt a bracelet into baajubandh

Formula: A graceful bracelet + extra chain

Add some spunk to elegant and simple outfits by using your bracelets as a baajubandh. Seen below on the model is a Ganesha Bracelet, used as a baajubandh, best paired with a crop top and dhoti pants. Shop Bracelets >

religious 2


3. Layer, layer, layer

Formula: Dainty necklace + mid-length cross pendant + long statement pendant

Make every day an occasion to wear your religious jewellery by livening up your office look with these layers. As seen on below, keep the other layers plain or with simple pendants so maximum attention remains on the Cross Pendants.  Shop Cross Pendants >

religious 3


4. Use a pendant, as a pendant

Formula: A religious charm pendant (Yes, Just THAT!)

If you don’t want to give it so much thought, keeping it simple never goes out of style. Wear your spiritual pendant every day with your chic and casual blazer. Shop Pendants >

religious 4 copy

5. Namaste your mornings

Formula: An Om pendant+ gold/platinum chain

Keep calm and throw in a simple Om Pendant for those yogic mornings. Goes best with all your comfy yoga clothes and moods! Shop Om Pendants >

religious 6



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