3 Everyday Looks You Can’t Go Wrong With!

Admit it. We all have those safe looks we opt for when we have to head out on short notice, or when we are just too lazy to worry about the wardrobe. Well, keeping these two excuses in mind we’ve put together easy to do looks, that you can always make a statement with!

1. Chandelier collars

A pair of chandelier earrings prove to be an unexpected ally to your casual denim jacket. Add a statement eye-catching ring, with a bright and beautiful Bindi. Perfect for that late last minute Sunday brunch with your girls. Shop Drop Earrings >


2. Adorn the high-necklines

High collars and necklines are here to stay, thankfully! Weather is a saree blouse or a western suit, it works on almost everybody. Layered necklaces add heaps and bounds to your look, best paired with simple drop earrings in geometric motifs. Of course, the bright lipstick always works! Shop Pendants >


3. Stack em’ up bracelets

Evening cocktails? Give that bold pendant a break by layering up with delicately patterned bracelets and rings. The key is here to mix a few statements, with some simple florals, hearts and stack them up, add a midi ring for some extra oomph! Also, make sure you only heavily adorn one hand and keep the other simple with a classic watch. Shop Bracelets >


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