5 Easy To Do Workwear Looks!

C’mon admit it, dressing for work can be about as unexciting as eating the-everyday-cornflakes for breakfast, but that’s about to change right now!

This season instead of going with the usual suspects – anything black or collared with boring jewellery, avail yourself of the many sleek separates and trendy jewellery that’s now easily available. Let’s explore tailored blazers, slouchy pants in unexpected colours and combinations, and get ready to give your work wear a promotion.

1. Hues Of brown, with layers of gold

For this edge, stack up gold and diamond bracelets on the wrist (2 -3 max, let’s not overdo it) and add a touch of finesse with rings to accentuate the look further. Think rich shades of brown tones all in different textures to liven up dull shades such as a plain black skirt. For now let your accessories do the talking! Shop Drop Earrings >

workwear 1 copy

2. Pastels, a dash of colour & foliage

A foliage inspired pendant along with long earrings bring so much personality especially when lined up with pastel shades. These pastels when teamed up with darker tones convey grace and timelessness. Perfect for those bring and sunny days – when it doubt, just go with this safe ensemble. Shop Foliage Jewellery >

workwear 2 copy

3. The classic black blazer with white ornate jewellery

There’s no denying it – the black blazer is invariably every working woman’s first purchase! Keep it interesting by wearing them with white gold ornate designs. When worn with wide-legged pants, this ensemble appears super chic and effortless. Shop White Gold Jewellery >

workwear 3 copy

4. Fuss free layers for those wake-up-and-out-the-door days

Layers have been around for quite some time now, and here’s the good news, they are here to stay! Popular, easy to do, and so lovely to look at – do a deep neck (not too deep though) blouse/ shirt with plenty necklaces one longer than the other. Ensure the shirt is of a light colour, so your neckpieces get the attention they deserve, with the bold ring balances the look. Shop Pendants >

workwear 5

5. Keep it interesting with patterns

For those my hands feel so pretty days, skip the neck-wear and draw all the attention to the arms!  Complement the everyday go-to ring with an oozing-with-personality midi ring, a perfectly-fitted bracelet and carry an intricately designed office bag to add a touch of oomph to your practical sense of style. Perfect for those casual Fridays!                 Shop Bracelets > Shop Rings >



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